The Lattice Backpack has finally arrived

Lattice Backpack is now here and it is the first of its kind. An innovative Web3 cold wallet that empowers users to securely carry and utilize their digital assets across the web, providing a convenient and reliable solution for managing and transacting with tokens and any digital art assets across the metaverse and beyond Web3.

Women developing blockchain 2023

Women in Blockchain is creating a leading diversity-driven blockchain education and networking ecosystem. This aims to amplify underrepresented voices within blockchain in order to give the skills and confidence to anyone — regardless of age, gender, nationality or background — to blaze their own personal or professional trail within the Metaverse.

How blockchain will defeat cybersecurity

The process of building a blockchain is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and prevent malicious data tampering. Also, AI specifically designed to protect systems and databases can be implemented in a more distributed model as blockchain applications that do not require trusted nodes to remain untouched.

Cybersecurity solutions for the blockchain industry

Bad actors take advantage of the decentralized nature of the internet to both maintain anonymity and overcome resistance to their attacks. A common DDoS method works by first infecting multiple nodes over a variety of domains to form a semi-coordinated network called a “botnet.”

Lattice Labs Sponsors AS Monaco Basketball

The team's partnership with Lattice Labs is a significant development for both parties, as it brings together two innovative and forward-thinking organizations. The partneship was initiated to develop the first sports fan platform that would change the experience and relationshsip between teams and their fans.

Blockchain Education Study 2022

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics nowadays at many societal, industrial and academic conferences. The Blockchain is the core mechanism of digital currencies like Bitcoin. It has far reaching possibilities for applications in healthcare, public document management, and voting systems to name just a few.